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Energy and Utilities

Optimize Operations, Ensure Crew Safety and Safeguard Infrastructure

We understand the needs of Utility Managers, whether it's onshore, offshore, electricity, oil or gas, that's why our products and services give you accurate real-time monitoring of severe weather, allowing you to maximize resource allocation for repairs and maintenance. Severe weather is the leading cause of electric power outages causing widespread damage to distribution systems and, in extreme weather events, can cause catastrophic damage to transmission systems. Accurate and trusted weather and climate information is critical to confident decision-making before, during and after the storm.


Mobile Weather Team's dedicated team of 24/7 meteorologists can help, we will provide site specific weather information so your utility can efficiently mobilize resources ahead of the storm to reduce restoration time, while communicating more accurately with affected customers during and after the storm. Partner with us and leverage our real-time products and services that are crucial to your business.

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