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The Healthcare industry faces unique weather challenges. Mobile Weather Team helps risk and emergency managers ensure the safety and protection of patients and staff during severe weather. Hospitals and healthcare organizations require the most accurate information possible for their emergency disaster preparation and hazard vulnerability analysis. Our system is designed to provide tailored weather solutions and real-time information for decision-makers that need to act well before a weather event occurs.


By adding one of our custom weather solutions to your risk and response plan is the single most effective way to protect your operation from large scale weather events. It's important to be proactive and receive advance warning that, when combined with a risk mitigation plan, will keep your patients and staff safe, while increasing profit and patient satisfaction. Our team of 24/7 meteorologists understand the challenges that hospitals face when severe weather approaches and will work to ensure their decision is the right one. Weather monitoring is surprisingly affordable and can save thousands in a matter of seconds.

  • Custom Analysis - based on your risk profile for different types of weather

  • Weather Warnings and Alerts - real-time information on your desktop or mobile device

  • Advanced Weather Analytics - effectively communicate between campuses

  • Better Emergency Disaster Preparedness Planning - necessary information to minimize risk and exposure.

  • Anticipate Fluctuations of In-Patient Admissions - plan for patient demand spikes and adjust staff schedules, medical consumables and even food supplies.

  • Reschedule Daily Operations - maximize the use of medical resources and plan operations around disruptive weather events. The resulting efficiency gains have proven to increase profitability and patient satisfaction.

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