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Other Industries

Airport Operations, Construction, Insurance,

Expert Testimony and Film Production

Mobile Weather Team provides weather and climate services to a number of different industries around the world. Our services help you to manage weather related risks and opportunities so your business can operate safely, efficiently and profitably.


Airport Operations: Weather has a significant and wide ranging impact on aviation, and poor management of meteorological elements can have devastating effects upon safety, operating costs and reputation. Mobile Weather Team provides a wide range of products and services that suit airports (ground operations), small regional carriers and some of the world’s biggest airlines. Whether your focus is on ground safety, optimizing schedules, reducing diversions, managing logistics or on-site weather observing, Mobile Weather Teams Aviation solutions can help you.

Construction: As a contractor or construction project manager, you have the challenging task of managing projects while being at the mercy of one uncontrollable element: the weather.

Make a difference to your building and construction projects with our accurate weather forecasts designed to help you save time, money and improve safety. Accurate weather forecasts and warning alerts, means efficient project planning, correct timing of concrete pours and avoided construction delays, all while keeping workers safe while on the job. 


Insurance: Weather affects the insurance business at all levels of operation, from risk assessment to sales and claim management. For this reason, a sound understanding of short and long term weather risks is an essential component of any insurance business. Our weather solutions can help you reduce claims by alerting policyholders of potentially damaging storms and accelerate claims validation for severe weather events which ultimately saves time and money. With billion-dollar weather disasters recorded in the United States in 2017 and global severe weather catastrophes on the rise, Mobile Weather Team has a solution to help. Whether it's hail or high winds, lightning or floods, our forensic meteorologists will provide you with timely, accurate weather consultation that will save you time and money.


Expert Testimony: Our president, Mike McClellan has over 30 years experience as a meteorologist providing certified past weather reports, certified weather data, review of adversarial expert reports, site inspections, weather expert courtroom testimony, and more. Over the years, he has testified in all levels of Court for almost any type of case you can imagine from lightning strike victims to slip-and-falls. Whether it's a site-specific written report, deposition or trial testimony we can tailor a specific, custom service to meet your exact requirements. 

Film Production: Keeping productions safe, in budget and more efficient! Maximize your time, save money and schedule your shoots more effectively around our site-specific weather forecasts. Mobile Weather Team works with all facets of the production industry across the United States and World Wide. We work with a variety of motion picture companies, commercial, print and television doing shoots in numerous micro-climates around the world. Choose one of our custom weather solutions (Met On-Call,

Met Watch or Met On-site) that works best for you.

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