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Met On-Site

Dangerous and disruptive weather can strike any location at any time of the day or night, but being prepared with detailed weather information can help protect you from its dangerous effects. For over 25 years, Mobile Weather Team meteorologists have traveled the globe to work on-site, along side our customers to ensure there are no surprises from Mother Nature. Our meteorologists will setup equipment on-site at any outdoor event to help organizers, ground crews, event and safety managers in making critical and timely operational decisions to ensure the event is completed safely and efficiently.  


Benefits of an on-site meteorologist:

  • Cutting-edge lightning prediction equipment setup and monitored on-site

  • High-tech weather instruments setup and monitored on-site

  • Proactive decision making, providing advance warning of any hazardous weather to allow for forward planning

  • Improved operational safety and reduced costs from operational downtime

  • Reduced risk of delays, suspensions and/or cancellations

  • Increased operational efficiency through contingency planning

  • Accurate and time sensitive face-to-face customer communication during specific weather events   


We provide our Met On-site service to a wide range of outdoor events such as....

  • Golf Tournaments

  • Motorsports

  • Tennis

  • Live Concerts

  • State Fairs, County Fairs and Festivals of all kinds

  • Football, Baseball, Soccer, Rugby & Cricket

  • Rodeos & Horse Racing

  • Marathons & Triathlons

  • Cycling & Skiing

  • Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Film Industry

  • Airports

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