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"We track the storms so you have time to prepare."

Weather Forecasting


Mobile Weather Team, Inc. is a worldwide provider of professional weather forecasting services and custom risk management solutions for weather-sensitive industries across the globe. Since our beginning in 1990, our meteorologists have traveled the globe delivering our signature, on-site weather service to thousands of professional golf tournaments and other events, in dozens of countries, across 6 continents, making us the industry leader for more than 25 years. Specializing in on-site and remote weather forecasting and monitoring solutions for outdoor events, advance storm warnings, plus lightning prediction and detection around the world. Let our team of expert meteorologists help you make those critical decisions that will save lives and money.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Met On-Call

When severe weather threatens, our professional Meteorologists are on-call 24/7, either online or by phone to provide you with quick answers to your weather questions.

Weather Maps

Whether you just want to check the latest weather radar image or need to know what kind of weather lies ahead as you plan your week. Our weather maps page will help you get started.

Met Watch

A professional Meteorologist is watching your event from beginning to end. We will alert you in advance of threatening weather and help with critical decisions to minimize downtime and maximize safety.

Met On-Site

For larger, time sensitive events, our Meteorologist is setup on-site at your event with state-of-the-art weather equipment, monitoring your weather minute by minute. It's like having your own Meteorologist working with you side-by-side to minimize risk, maximize dollars and ensure a smooth running event. 

Mobile Solutions

We realize you are not always at your desk to monitor the weather, therefore, Mobile Weather Team offers a mobile warning system that provides custom alerts, based on weather condition, location and distance, anywhere in the world.

Need a Speaker?

There are those who say that the most important element in a successful meeting is having the right speaker. We agree! Mobile Weather Team Meteorologists have a long track record of successful speaking engagements across the globe. From event weather education to long range forecasts, we can deliver.

What our customers say.

“Mobile Weather Team is the best on-site weather forecasting service in the world.”

Mark Russell
VP of Rules & Competitions    PGA Tour

Ready to find out more?

Mobile Weather Team Inc. developed the PGA Tour's "On-site Storm Alert Program" and remains the benchmark for all others to follow. We continue to value quality over quantity at a competitive price. We look forward to talking with you.

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