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June 2, 2016

Active weather during second half of June?

Forecast models have been hinting lately that from mid-June onward could be very active in the Corn Belt.  The jet stream, transitioning into a more summer-like pattern, has already moved farther to the north.  From late next week onward, it looks like the jet stream takes on a very progressive flow, meaning troughs start moving through every couple of days.

What this means for us is that storms may move through the Corn Belt every other day, and sometimes every day.  This means the Corn Belt may be in for a lot of precipitation during the second half of June.

That being said, there is still come disagreement in the models.  The GFS (Global Forecast System,) and the European forecast model seem to agree about a lot of precipitation moving through, although they disagree about the specifics.  The Canadian model and the CFS (Climate Forecast System,) differ from the other two.  At the moment, I tend to side with the GFS/Euro solution of abundant rainfall.

Ag Meteorologist Brian Mette

2 Responses to Daily Model Discussion

  1. Steve says:

    I like the model discussion. Could you add pictures of each model so we could see what you are talking about?



    How often do these models update in a 24 hour period? My marketing service mentioned this morning that GFS has backed off their moisture content now going from a 2″ rain event to 1/2″ ?????

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