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First wave of storms moves east, new wave forms in the west
  • This morning we have a long cold front moving from the eastern Plains into the western Mississippi Valley. 
  • Currently, a line of thunderstorms is ongoing ahead of this cold front, across parts of Missouri and Iowa, heading towards Illinois.
  • These thunderstorms are expected to weaken a bit as the morning goes on, but should reintensify during the afternoon hours. 
  • These reinvigorated storms may form a fast moving squall line that moves across Illinois, Indiana, and into Ohio by this evening.
  • Meanwhile, in the west, a new wave of thunderstorms is expected to develop in Colorado this afternoon.  These thunderstorms will then move into Nebraska, Kansas, and possibly even Oklahoma as the day goes on; similar to yesterday.
  • Severe weather is possible with these storms.  Moderately high rainfall totals are possible today in both west and east.


Severe weather expected across the southern Midwest tomorrow

  • A warm, moist, and very unstable air mass will set up across the southern Midwest tomorrow.
  • Some of today’s thunderstorms in the west will be ongoing tomorrow morning.  It seems likely that these storms will continue to the east through the day, possibly forming a fast moving squall line that will reach the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys during the evening. 
  • Meanwhile, in the south, new widespread thunderstorms are expected to break out. 
  • There is some uncertainty about these storms, but they could potentially form another squall line as well. 
  • Severe weather is expected with the thunderstorms tomorrow, particularly damaging winds and very large hail, but tornadoes will also be possible.
  • Heavy rain is also expected, especially in the southern Corn Belt.
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Mobile Weather Team, Inc. is a worldwide provider of professional weather forecasting services, specializing in on-site and remote weather forecasting for outdoor events, advance storm warnings, plus lightning prediction and detection around the world. Since our beginning in 1990 at the Bing Crosby Celebrity Golf Tournament in Winston-Salem, NC, our meteorologists have traveled the globe delivering our signature, on-site weather service to thousands of professional golf tournaments, in dozens of countries, on 5 continents, making us the premiere weather company that professional golf tours have trusted for more than 20 years.

Mobile Weather Team, Inc. developed the PGA Tour’s "Storm Alert Program" which provides players, officials and spectators with advance warning of oncoming lightning and storms. The Mobile Weather Team implemented this program on all U.S. golf Tours and at all four major golf championships while expanding to other professional golf Tours around the world.
In addition to our signature on-site and remote weather services for golf, Mobile Weather Team also provides:

  • On-site and remote weather forecasting services for the sports and recreation industry
  • Global long-range weather outlooks and analyses for agriculture
  • Customized weather services including hail tracking for the crop insurance industry
  • LIVE and recorded weather forecasting and storm analysis for TV and Radio stations
  • Real-time weather support for emergency management, schools, energy, aviation and transportation

In 2010, we unveiled our newsletter called WeatherView Online™, which features accurate U.S. and international weather forecasts, climate information, long range outlooks and agricultural weather analysis for buyers, sellers, farmers and all of those involved in the agriculture industry. WeatherView Online™readers include farmers, traders, advisors, bankers, grain elevator operators, seed companies, crop insurance providers and livestock producers.
Mobile Weather Team, Inc. has always valued quality over quantity, allowing us to be an accurate, dependable and personalized weather service for over 25 years. For more details on how the Mobile Weather Team can help your operation, contact Mike McClellan, Mobile Weather Team’s owner and President and let him customize our service to fit your needs.

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